Check out these opportunities to learn together!  If you need additional information or have any questions, please let me know!  ( or @MarkWilsonGA )

May 30-31:            Administrative Leadership Training:

Developing Maximum Capacity in the activities and relationships between Principal, APs, and Other Members of the Administrative Team (privately-contracted event)

June 1:                    Ready to Lead!  Aspiring Leaders, Heart of Georgia RESA

The second live session with members of the Heart of Georgia RESA aspiring leaders group.  (

June 2-3:               TEDxKids@El Cajon

Dr. David Miyahsiro, Superintendent of the Cajon Valley District Schools and Liz Loether, Coordinator of Educational Technology are hosting their second annual TEDx event (El Cajon, CA).  Headed out to learn from David and Liz, who have established the gold standard for incorporating presentation literacy universally throughout their schools!  Ready to share their work with schools in Georgia and beyond!

June 5:               Combined for Maximum Effectiveness to Lead School Improvement!

This is another event to work with Principals and APs together in an effort to build their capacity as a team to support their school and the school’s efforts for strong academic performance.  The moments when we can combine Ps and APs in one professional learning are rare, so this is a coveted time to explore best practices that can help them work together as a powerful unit!  (privately-contracted event)

June 6-7:                Diploma Planning Institute (DPI)

On behalf of the National Dropout Prevention Center and their work to support efforts that lead to sustainable solutions towards universal graduation, we’ll be in New Albany, MS to work with the teams there in developing a comprehensive diploma plan.    For details about the Diploma Planning Institute, or to host one at your site, check out this link:

June 8-9:           Executive Coaching Dates

When I was a principal, one of the things I loved about my job was the variety.  This job (supporting Ps, APs, Aspiring Leaders, System Leaders, and Teachers) offers much of the same.  I love being with groups in classroom settings, but I equally love being with a principal , AP or superintendent to support them in their leadership journey.  This week concludes with privately-contracted coaching events in multiple locations.  While I know it’s supportive for the Principals, it’s also a time for learning for me as well.

June 12:            Overcoming Poverty:  Successful Practices   West Georgia RESA

This is going to be an impactful day of learning!  We are looking directly at poverty and its effect on learning and student performance.  This one-day event is FREE (!), offers you lunch (!!) and has leading practitioners and thought leaders to share successful practices in overcoming poverty to reach academic success.  You ought to register!  Please click on the following link to do so:

overcoming poverty

June 13:        Executive Coaching Date

Another great day of executive coaching.

June 13-17    Pioneer RESA “Pioneers In Leadership Program”

Debuting at the 29th Annual Pioneer RESA Summer Conference, the Pioneers in Leadership program begins a year-long experience and exploration.  Those in the program will support each other in their leadership journey and will come together for learning, reflection, and action.  We will be meeting throughout the event, interspersed with other sessions.  It will be a great kickoff to the learning.  It’s not too late to join the journey!  Register at

Pioneers in Leadership.jpg

June 14                  The Innovative Educator!

As a part of the 29th Annual Pioneer RESA Summer Conference, it’ll be a privilege to share a session titled The Innovative Educator. (3:00-4:00 PM, Salon I) Here’s what it’s about:

Everyone says they want to be innovative, but not everyone is willing to do the things that lead to a school or classroom of innovation.  Dr. Mark Wilson leads you in an energetic, hands-on session to uncover the elements of the innovative educator and discover the innovator in you!  Plan to be energized and inspired to innovate by your colleagues. 
June 16:                 Strategies to Handle the Stress of Leadership:
Another session at the Pioneer RESA Summer Conference.  This one?  Stress.  If we are going to be honest, we have to talk about the stress of leadership and the levels that today’s school leaders are facing.  Everyone has stress; the most effective leaders commit to handling it.  Those who deny it or try to avoid it are less effective. (9:45-10:45, Salon I)
The stress is real.  Being the leader can take a toll on you that you can’t easily turn back. The secret is in handling stress daily and working to find balance in your life as you go along, not just when you retire!  In this session, Dr. Mark Wilson will share the struggles of leadership and strategies in managing the stress that comes along with so you can be an excellent leader and a well-balanced person as well!
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June 19                Designing and Implementing An Impactful Administrative Team
The theme of June, or so it seems!  This is the first time that we’ve been able to have Ps and APs together (at least while they are able to concentrate on the learning without thinking about what’s going on back at school!)  Summer planning is critical to an effective school year!  We continue this work with a different group, focusing on their individual leadership journeys, as well as the road they will travel together, particularly in the upcoming school year.  (privately-contracted event)

June 20:        Executive Coaching Date

Another great day of executive coaching.

June 21:        Freshman Academy Consultation

Strong starts lead to successful finishes!  This day will be a lot of fun.  Working with a team who is designing a Freshman Academy program.  If you are at a high school, I highly recommend that you focus on developing an intentional plan for your freshmen.  At a school where I served, we went from 72% of our students passing 6+ classes to 94% in one year by designing and implementing a Freshman Academy.  You can read a lot about Freshman Academy at my blog spot here: .

Welcome Freshman.png

June 22-23:                    KidStrong Conference:  Charleston, WV
It’s a privilege and pleasure to present at this year’s KidStrong Conference, presented by the West Virginia Department of Education and their Grad 20/20 initiative.    We’ll be working with teams of administrators, counselors, and teachers from across West Virginia to support their work in developing strong academic programs for their schools and students that help lead them to graduation and preparation for their future.
June 25-28:                Freshman Success Conference
The National Dropout Prevention Center (NDPC; ) sponsors the inaugural Freshman Success Conference at the Rosen Centre, Orlando, FL from June 25-28.   We are gathering those who work with Freshmen to join an all-star cast of presenters and a focused set of sessions to support the work of schools and school people in leading our ninth-grade students to success.  It’s not too late to join!  Head to dropout for information!
FSC Combined Registration opt_Page_1

June 29-30:        Executive Coaching Dates

Great opportunity to plan for the upcoming year with on-site coaching at multiple locations!

July 8-12                       GAEL Summer Conference

GAEL 2017 Summer Conference

One of the best learning times of the year!  The GAEL Summer Conference.  A gathering of the state’s educational leaders from everywhere across Georgia, from all of the possible administrative positions, united in serving the children and communities of the state.

We begin on Saturday with the Annual Past Presidents’ Dinner where we honor the groundbreaking efforts of the pioneers of our organization while connecting those ideals to today’s leaders.

On Monday, we will be sponsoring the School Leaders Reception, honoring all of the members of GAESP, GAMSP, and GASSP who are in attendance at Summer GAEL.

Finally, on Wednesday, we’ll be hosting one of the most important leadership events we do all year:  Successful Beginnings.   Successful Beginnings is our annual event for brand-new principals.  It’s a must-attend event for the new principal (and even for those principals who began their tenure after the school year began last year.

We have had way too many principals dig themselves into a hole in the first month of the school year, only to spend the remainder of the year trying to get out.  Successful Beginnings is in its Sixth Year and exists to help you get off to a good start; to have a successful beginning.

These sessions are practical, honest, and essential.  If you are (or know of) a new principal, please direct them to to register for this FREE event;

Successful Beginnings Summer GAEL 2017


July 13:                     Successful Beginnings:  First District RESA

If you didn’t make it to the half-day session of Successful Beginnings at Summer GAEL on Wednesday, we have a full-day session of Successful Beginnings on Thursday, July 13 at First District RESA in Brooklet, GA.  We’ll begin at 9:00 AM, conclude at 3:00 PM and will provide lunch (and learning) in between! Register for this free event at


July 14:


July 17:                  Supporting Teacher Innovation:  The Administrator’s Role


This topic is timely, critical, and universal.  School administrators want high-flying, innovative teachers, but we don’t always act like we do.  Why do innovative flourish in some schools and suffer at others?  Much of it depends upon the actions of the school administrators who have rarely been offered the opportunity to discuss what platinum-level support of innovative teachers looks like.   On behalf of VASS (Virginia Advanced Study Strategies), it will be an honor and privilege to lead the learning on this day with administrators who will be leading “unicorn” teachers in the fall.   Roanoke, VA.


July 18:                   Leading In Climate and Culture:  The Principal’s Role

Classroom DoorThis is a topic that I’ve been able to share on countless times.  It was the key to the success at the schools where I served.  Having a climate that is positive and nurturing and a culture of curiosity and high expectations is critical for any school’s success.  In this session (privately-contracted event) we’ll be exploring exactly what the principal does to lead the way in developing the right climate.  Then we’ll look at how the principal influences teachers, the curators of any school’s culture.  Climate and culture aren’t “acts” that the leader completes on a list in order to get to the “real work.”  They are the real work.


July 19                    Successful Beginnings:  Pioneer RESA

We work to make our Successful Beginnings events as accessible as possible for the new principals around Georgia.  We offer a full-day event at Pioneer RESA which is Free and also provides participants with free lunch.   Great learning coming your way… all you have to do is register!     July 19:  9:00 AM-3:00 PM

Successful Beginnings Pioneer RESA 2017.jpg

July 20-21               Diploma Planning Institute:  Lee County, MS

Again, on behalf of NDPC (National Dropout Prevention Center) we offer an opportunity for teams of teachers and administrators to take a deep look at who graduates, who doesn’t and why.  Beyond that, we also explore how to fill the gap for those students who aren’t completing their work towards graduation.  You can find out more about DPI (Diploma Planning Institute) at  Here’s a video clip that details the work that happens at at DPI.  (Dr. Sandy Addis has a ten minute conversation with me about how DPIs work at the 32:00 minute mark).  The NDPC hosts DPIs at individual school systems, regional education agencies, and for state departments of education.  Get in touch with dropout if you’d like to talk about bringing this event to your area.


July 24:                      Pioneers in Leadership:  At Pioneer RESA

pioneer resaFollowing up on our work at the Pioneer RESA Summer Conference in June, we continue our exploration of the skills, knowledge, and disposition needed to be an effective school leader.


July 25-27 :               Assistant Principal Leadership Retreat

Working with a privately-contracted group, we’ll spend three days getting APs ready for the school year, ready for growth as a leader, and ready to be called upon with upcoming openings.

July 28:


July 29:                                                      EdFest 2017

EdFest 2017 (1)