Support and encourage teachers and administrators in their work with their students and their schools, and in their personal/professional development.

If you are in one Mark Wilson’s presentations, he will encourage you to stand tall and proud in the fact that you’re an educator!  Dr. Wilson believes in the power of teaching, the impact of strong school leaders, and the importance of schools in the success of our communities and our nation.

Mark Wilson’s mission statement defines the work that he is doing across the country in a number of roles.  Mark is a national speaker, author and motivator of educators, delivering inspiring keynotes, coaching individual leaders, and teaching classes for new administrators.

Dr. Wilson is first a teacher, as he has been for the last twenty-five years.  An Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at Kennesaw State University, Mark continues his work in instruction.  He has been a teacher, coach, assistant principal and principal in the middle level and high school arenas.  His work as the Principal of Morgan County High School in Madison, Georgia led to his selection as the 2009 MetLife/NASSP National High School Principal of the Year.

Mark is also an encourager.  His message resonates with teachers and administrators in which he reminds educators of the influence they have in the lives of our young people.  Dr. Wilson speaks to groups across the nation, including schools, school systems, associations, and at national conferences.

Another way that Dr. Wilson supports educators is through his consultant work, which includes partnerships with NASSP, TED and TED-Ed, and agencies and associations across the country.  He also is an author and publishes a weekly newsletter that focuses on leadership development for school administrators.  His wife Lisa is a media specialist, inspiring the children at Morgan County Primary School to read.  Their daughters Anna and Ellen are students at the University of Georgia and Morgan County High School, respectively.
Presentations from the SREB Professional Development Conference 
Nashville, TN | July 18, 2014
Bringing About Change
Feels Like Home:  School Culture
Up!  The Direction of Student Success
VIDEOS About Change
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